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ZNZ Big Cash is yet another referral based program from Zip-Nada-Zilch. If you're not already familiar with the ZNZ One program then I recommend reading my review on ZNZ One first. You can find it by clicking here.

If you already understand how ZNZ One works then we'll continue on so I can explain the difference between these two programs.

The main differences between ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash is the amount you earn per referral and the amount of offers that need to be completed to meet the requirements to begin promoting the

ZNZ Big Cash allows you to earn between $60 and $80 per referral. This usually ends up being approximately $75 per referral, depending on the monthly promotion that they're running.

The other biggest difference is the offer requirements.

With ZNZ One, you are only required to complete one offer. However, ZNZ Big Cash requires you to complete multiple offers. This is why you earn so much more with ZNZ Big Cash.

The total amount of offers required to be completed will vary depending on which offers you participate in. You will see that each offer is worth a different amount of credits. The total credits needed to meet your offer requirements is 1.00 credit.

Some offers are worth .25 credits, .10 credits, .75 credits, etc.