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What is Zip-Nada-Zilch?

Zip-Nada-Zilch is an incentive website that represents major companies that are offering the latest and greatest products and services. By participating in our website and referring others to try what our advertisers have to offer you're able to earn free gifts from an iPod to a TV or whatever you'd like!

Although our website may seem like a foreign concept, once you get to understand it it’s really quite simple. To participate in our website and start earning some gifts here are the steps:

Step 1: Sign up to any of our sites using your real, valid information. (Very Important that you use a Real Email and Real Signup Information. This is How you get Paid).

Step 2: Complete your credit requirements! Credits are earned by completing advertiser offers, and depending on the site of ours you sign up to, this will be anywhere from 0.50 to 3.00 credits. We work with companies such as Equifax, Blockbuster, DirecTV and many more!

Step 3: After completing your credit requirements, refer others and have them complete their credit requirements.

Step 4: After obtaining the required number of completed referrals for your prize, you’ll be able to submit an order into us for your prize!to edit title.